Willyard Residence

For a family of five, a two acre parcel of land was a dream. The challenge was to create useable comfortable spaces that would function well for grown-ups as well as kids. The round lot and variations in grades, afforded the opportunity to create a series of outdoor rooms and terraces. An interior courtyard, complete with an outdoor kitchen, dining area, fountain and fire-pit allow for evening dining, protected from the hot summer sun and cool winter breezes. An upper terrace in the rear yard, offers meandering pathways through a small vineyard past a rustic fountain and ending in an outdoor living room anchored by a large fireplace. On the lower terrace down rustic stone steps, lies the ‘Resort’ as the family has come to know it.  This outdoor space holds a water playground that is enclosed from the rest of the yard offering safety for the family’s children. The ‘Resort’ features jumping rocks, a rockslide, a large free-form pool and a curtained lounge that doubles as a changing area. Views open to the canyon below and large field grown Olives anchor the space.

Photography by Shawna Moznett

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